Reviving the Dead With DIY Forensics: Still Life (Vice Motherboard documentary)

Danny Benavides
June 13, 2014


There is something booming in Mexico besides the drug trade and the violence associated with it: Forensic science. This is an extremely fascinating mini-documentary from Vice’s “Motherboard” video-magazine which spotlights this very discipline and the crucial role that forensic science plays in identifying the dead who have been struck down by narco-violence in Mexico’s Drug War. For those of you with an eye on the organized crime crisis south of the border, I can’t recommend this enough…

From the YouTube description:

Some say Dr. Alejandro Hernández Cárdenas’ brew brings the dead back to life. A MOTHERBOARD documentary on life, death, and an unassuming Mexican dentist whose proprietary chemical formula rehydrates corpses for identification.