Demanufacturing Consent: Michael Maharrey on Nullifying Illegal Spying, Drug War, and the Police State

Traces of Reality
June 30, 2014


Michael Maharrey“Nullification Works: Decentralized Solutions for Illegal Spying, Drug War, and the Police State” with Michael Maharrey

On this edition of Demanufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Michael Maharrey, National Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center. Maharrey provides an update on the progress of the Off Now campaign to “nullify the NSA” at the state and local level, where victories have been won, and which states and corporations have provided the most resistance.

We also discuss the latest ACLU report on the “excessive militarization” of police in America, and how the principles of nullification, decentralization, and state’s rights can be used to reign back the police state. We also dispel some of the misconceptions and historical misinterpretations of nullification and explain how, in terms of the drug war and marijuana legalization, nullification is already working and is something most Americans now support.

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Traces of Reality

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