#Narconoia Updates Move to Twitter

Danny Benavides
July 5, 2014


If you’ve visited Traces of Reality lately, you’ve probably noticed a lull with my #Narconoia Updates. But if you caught my discussion with Pearse Redmond on Porkins Policy Radio, you’ll recall I mentioned continuing such updates via Twitter (@Narconoia) in the near future. Well, that future comes today.

Instead of the weekly selection of links that I had been posting, I’ll be sharing these links on Twitter to fill your timelines with the most reliable and informative news concerning organized crime and the drug trade from the US-Mexico borderlands down to Central America. Sources will vary widely from conventional international press agencies to independently-run blogs, but the majority of what I share will be English-language media (unless it’s something especially interesting).

For the first few days, expect some older links from the previous couple of weeks. After that, Tweeted news stories will be more up-to-date, with an occasional “ICYMI” article here and there.

At any rate, follow me on Twitter @Narconoia, and I encourage you to tweet me anything I may have missed that deserves to be read.