Fear and Fake Journalism: Is the ISIS Propaganda Working?

Traces of Reality
September 8, 2014


“Fear and Fake Journalism: Is the ISIS Propaganda Working?” with Pearse Redmond

On this edition of Demanufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Pearse Redmond, host of Porkins Policy Radio. Pearse breaks down the enigmatic character of Matthew Van Dyke, the former “journalist” turned freedom fighter in Libya, who Pearse refers to as the “CIA’s favorite mercenary.”

We discuss his relationship with both James Foley and Steven Sotloff — journalists allegedly kidnapped, murdered, and beheaded by the Islamic State and used in propaganda videos — and the implications of their association with a deceitful, phony journalist, self-professed propagandist, and potential CIA asset.

We also discuss the ongoing fear mongering regarding ISIS, their supposed infiltration of Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, and their plot to sneak across the US border and use Mexican drug cartels to “take out a power grid” in the United States. We detail how such an outlandishly ridiculous story took shape and spread throughout the media, perfectly timed to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11, and how certain sectors of the “alternative media” are feeding into this latest round of fear-based propaganda.

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Traces of Reality

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Show Notes:

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Matthew VanDyke spent time with murdered James Foley in Syria

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Expert: ‘Imminent’ ISIS threat to U.S. power grid (August 31)

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Judicial Watch: Military Experts: With ISIS in El Paso, Ft. Bliss in Danger of Terrorist Attack (September 4)

Midland, Texas: A Local Sheriff Leaves a Strong Message for ISIS (September 4)

Actress Kelly Carlson Warns US Power Grid Vulnerable to Terrorist Attacks (September 4 — wouldn’t be a full-blown propaganda campaign without a little Hollywood, would it?)

Rand Paul Supports U.S. War in Middle East to Destroy ISIS (September 2)

Rand Paul: Secure border to prevent ISIS ‘infiltration’ (September 4)

Man Crosses U.S. Border Dressed as ISIS Terrorist, Simulates Beheading (September 5)

ISIS Insurgents Threatening U.S. Border (September 8)