Masterminds Behind ISIS Mexican Cartel Grid Jihad Revealed! (or Why the Media Thinks You’re Stupid)

Traces of Reality
September 13, 2014


ISIS Mexican Cartels Grid JihadTraces of Reality Radio Episode 104.2: “Masterminds Behind ISIS Mexican Cartel Grid Jihad Revealed! (or Why the Media Thinks You’re Stupid)”

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo and Danny reveal the true “masterminds” behind the Islamic State/Mexican drug cartel plot to “take down a power grid” in the United States and kill 90% of the public.

We chronicle how and when this story began, picking apart the narrative and explaining the various reasons why it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. We illustrate how a product of government propaganda — that serves to further legitimize the “war on terror,” justify another war, and accept a greater loss of liberty — nevertheless found willing mouthpieces within some of the larger “alternative media” outlets.

Note: This segment begins with a discussion on waning public confidence in local police (a follow-up to the conversation with Hector Cubillos in our first segment). The discussion on the Islamic State/Mexican cartel plot begins at the 11:40 mark.

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Traces of Reality

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Show Notes:

Police/Border Patrol

Hector Cubillos on the Truth about Laredo’s Killer Cops

Pew Research Center: Latino confidence in local police lower than among whites

Ex-Internal Affairs Chief: Border Patrol Routinely Tries to Cover Up Deadly Shootings

Ousted chief accuses border agency of shooting cover-ups, corruption

ISIS/Mexican Cartels Hype

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Influx of illegals to serve as excuse for ISIS attacking America from within (07/05/2014)

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Rick Perry: It’s possible ISIS has crossed southern border (8/21/2014)

Judicial Watch: Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning Update: Ft. Bliss Increases Security (08/29/2014)

Nonprofit says ISIS is in Juarez, US officials reject claim (08/29/2014)

Expert: ‘Imminent’ ISIS threat to U.S. power grid (08/31/2014)

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NYT: ISIS, Deep in the Heart of Texas (09/03/2014)

Judicial Watch: Military Experts: With ISIS in El Paso, Ft. Bliss in Danger of Terrorist Attack (09/04/2014)

A Local Sheriff Leaves a Strong Message for ISIS (09/04/2014)

Infowars: Man Crosses U.S. Border Dressed as ISIS Terrorist, Simulates Beheading (09/05/2014)

Intellihub: “Grid Jihad”: What if you had one week to prepare for the end of the world? (09/05/2014)

Security Expert: ISIS Could Pay Drug Cartel to Attack U.S. Power Grid (09/08/2014)

UTEP professor: ISIS terrorist attack on US/Mexico border possible but ‘low’ probability (09/08/2014)

Next News Network: ISIS Insurgents Threatening U.S. Border (09/08/2014)

Islamic State’s weapons traced to Syrian rebels

Syria and Iraq: Why US policy is fraught with danger

The terrorists fighting us now? We just finished training them.

Powerful Drug Lords Meet in Mexican Border Town

Coahuila: A Drug Summit of Z’s, BLO, CJNG Juarez Cartels seeking an Alliance