Hector Cubillos on the Truth about Laredo’s Killer Cops

Traces of Reality
September 13, 2014


Hector Cubillos Laredo Police ShootingTraces of Reality Radio Episode 104.1: “The Truth about Laredo’s Killer Cops” with Hector Cubillos

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo and Danny are joined by Hector Cubillos, an independent journalist and editor of PoliticalScams.me.

Hector is based in Laredo, Texas, and has been covering the police killing of Jose Walter Garza since it occurred on Saturday, August 30.

Garza is the man who police shot so many times his family says he “had no face.” After riddling Garza’s body with over 60 bullets, police celebrated over his corpse, fist bumping and taking pictures.

Hector interviewed Victor Treviño, the Gateway Truck Stop CFO who says police knew Garza was only armed with a BB gun when they blew him away. Hector also recently interviewed a second witness, Gateway security guard Julio Cesar Gonzales, who says police are lying about what took place at the truck stop. Gonzales confirmed he personally told LPD officers it was not a real gun, but was ignored and threatened with arrest for “interfering.”

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Traces of Reality

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Show Notes:

Hector’s website: Political Scams

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