Continuity of Agenda: 20 Years of War in Iraq

Traces of Reality
September 18, 2014


Demanufacturing Consent: “Continuity of Agenda: 20 Years of War in Iraq”

On September 10, 2014, Barack Obama became the fourth consecutive US President to announce the bombing of the country of Iraq.

Whether it’s a conservative former head of the CIA, a freewheeling, smoothing talking womanizer from Arkansas, a bumbling Bonesman with a fake Texas accent who was actually raised in Connecticut, or the nation’s first black President who inspired legions of gullible young Americans with the promise of hope and change …

Despite their varied personal backgrounds and their purported ideological differences, both Democrats and Republicans in power have demonstrated a remarkable continuity of agenda.

When it comes to the issues that really matter: foreign policy, the national security state, perpetual warfare, the curbing of civil liberties along with the expansion of the police and surveillance state; it has not mattered which figurehead fills the oval office in the last 20 years.

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Traces of Reality

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