RadioWHO Podcast: Hollywood’s Most Unique Agent

December 8, 2014


Paul Alan SmithEpisode 02: “Hollywood’s Most Unique Agent” with Paul Alan Smith

Most people know what Hollywood agents do: but how Paul Alan Smith does it is unlike anyone else.

Smith left a lucrative job at one of Hollywood’s most influential agencies to found his own: Equitable Stewardship for Artists. The idea, Smith tells RadioWHO host Guillermo Jimenez, was to build a model agency to fundamentally change how business is done in Tinsel Town.

Tune in to listen to Paul’s wide-ranging and inspirational perspective on:

• How Hollywood affects American culture, and the media’s role in “democracy”

• Why the Occupy Movement couldn’t sustain its push

• Why investigative journalism is patriotism in action

• The Establishment’s last word on Hollywood productions

• And why the TV series is the art form with the potential to have the most powerful impact on the world.

Listen to the podcast:

Traces of Reality

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