Reorganizing Mexico’s Narco Chessboard

Traces of Reality
December 16, 2014


Porkins Policy Radio: Pearse Redmond Interviews Danny Benavides

From PPR: On this week’s episode Traces of Reality’s contributing editor Danny Benavides joins us once again to discuss the mass disappearance in Iguala, narco-cartel reorganization and the prospect for a “Mexican Spring.” We begin the conversation by discussing what actually transpired last September in the city of Iguala, in southern Mexico.

Danny explains who the Normalista students are and why, in fact, they were in Iguala. Danny and I explore the complex web of connections and familial relations between Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca, his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda and the Guerreros Unidos cartel, as well as the Mexican military. Danny breaks down how the mass disappearance, and the players involved, represent a microcosm of the endemic problems Mexico faces today…

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Traces of Reality

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