Sony Hack and the Rise of Digital False Flags

Traces of Reality
December 23, 2014


“Sony Hack and the Rise of Digital False Flags” with Tom Secker

On this edition of Demanufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Tom Secker, host of ClandesTime and author of the book Secrets, Spies, and 7/7.

We discuss the various theories circulating around the Sony hack, who may have ultimately been responsible, and why North Korea is the least likely of culprits. We also explain what the US government has to gain from pinning the attack on the North Koreans, despite their flimsy evidence.

As US intelligence agencies and both current and former lawmakers in Washington look to legitimize their “cyber war on terror” and the millions spent on cyber warfare “defense,” the reaction to the Sony hack has evidenced the expansive potential for digital false flags.

We also touch on the film The Interview, and how the State Department’s involvement in a movie depicting the assassination of a sitting head of state is completely in keeping with the CIA’s propaganda efforts in Hollywood.

Lastly, we explore issues of privacy, in both the digital and physical realms, and how this latest event fits into the lingering “Snowden effect” in normalizing surveillance and redefining privacy norms.

Listen to the Preview Clip:

Traces of Reality

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