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Guillermo Jimenez Profile Traces of Reality tracesofreality TOR Radio RBN Liberty ExpressGuillermo Jimenez is the host of the Traces of Reality Radio show and Demanufacturing Consent, an exclusive weekly podcast on Boiling Frogs Post. In 2012, he served as a National Delegate for Ron Paul, and is now working to advance the message of liberty outside of politics through a venture into independent media and grassroots activism.

As the owner of Brush Fire Media and tracesofreality.com, his aim is to work and collaborate with some of the best minds in media and provide an educational tool to inform others of the dangers of the expanding national security state and threats to our civil liberties.

Guillermo is available for public speaking engagements, interviews or other media requests, and can be reached via the Contact page.

It's our move Guillermo Jimenez quote Traces of Reality tracesofreality TORTraces of Reality is an entirely independent media outlet created, managed, and edited by Guillermo Jimenez.  It began as Guillermo’s hobby blog in August of 2011 and has gradually evolved into what it is today.

Its primary purpose is to serve as home to the radio program and podcast, Traces of Reality Radio, and house the show’s audio archives—available to download free of charge. Traces of Reality also provides original news articles and commentary by Guillermo Jimenez and TOR Contributing Editor, Danny Benavides, as well as other independent voices from around the web.

As an alternative media source, TOR relies mainly on the generous support of our loyal readers and listeners.  There is no paid subscription service and all of our content is available to reprint or redistribute, provided full credit is given to the original author.  If you would like to help us grow our operation, expand our resources, and spread the urgent message of liberty, you can do so by making your most generous donation here.

If you would like to volunteer your time, effort, and skills in either news/editorial/feature writing, video/audio production, or graphic design, please contact us and kindly provide a recent sample of your work and CV.

Always remember: on this Grand Chessboard, it is We the People who are now in check.  It’s our move.

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