Demanufacturing Consent: “Humanitarian” Wars for Imperial Dreams

August 29, 2014 in DC on BFP

DC on BFP #51 | Daniel McAdams gives us his take on the current situation in Iraq and Syria, as the US war machine prepares for another full-on military invasion. Was the James Foley video staged? Given Foley worked for USAID until at least 2010, could he have been more than just a journalist?

RadioWHO Podcast: Counterinsurgency in the USA with Douglas Lucas

August 27, 2014 in TOR Blog

RadioWHO #1 | Douglas Lucas joins us to discuss how the the drug war on the Mexican border has morphed into an all-out counterinsurgency war, how its effects extend beyond the border, and what these counterinsurgency tactics have to do with the militarized police in Ferguson, Missouri and throughout the United States.

Demanufacturing Consent: Counterinsurgency Wars – From Gaza to Ferguson

August 20, 2014 in DC on BFP

DC on BFP #50 | Kevin Gosztola joins us to discuss the ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri, the killing of Michael Brown, and the larger issues of police accountability and incremental militarization. We also go over the similarities in counterinsurgency and paramilitary tactics in play both in Ferguson and Gaza.

They Live, We Sleep: Corbett and Jimenez on John Carpenter’s 1988 Classic

August 19, 2014 in TOR Blog

FLNWO #18 | James Corbett talks to Guillermo Jimenez about “They Live,” John Carpenter’s surprisingly prescient 1988 film about a society hypnotized and controlled by an alien species that cannot be seen directly. We discuss the film as a metaphor for the modern day “truth movement.”

TOR Radio: USAID Hijinks in Cuba, ISIS, and Gaza

August 12, 2014 in TOR Radio

TOR Radio #103 | Guillermo Jimenez and Danny Benavides breakdown news stories from the previous week, including: USAID/CIA up to their old tricks in Cuba, ISIS Takes Narco-Style Propaganda to the Next Level, and Rand Paul Loves Israel More Than You.

Demanufacturing Consent: Bill Conroy on Journalistic Authenticity

August 11, 2014 in DC on BFP, Preview

DC on BFP #49 | Bill Conroy shares his story of a 20-year career in journalism, why he started writing for Narco News, why he resigned his position at the San Antonio Business Journal, his relationship with Gary Webb, and what it means to be an “authentic journalist.”

TOR Radio: Immigration, Prohibition, and State-Sanctioned Murder

July 30, 2014 in Preview, TOR Radio

TOR Radio #102 | Guillermo Jimenez and Danny Benavides revisit the immigration debate and review other recent news stories involving state violence, including the cases of Eric Garner and Joseph Wood. Also, Danny breaks down the latest on narconoia and the drug-war madness along the southern US border.

Demanufacturing Consent: The Snowden-ISIS Hoax

July 28, 2014 in DC on BFP, Preview

DC on BFP #48 | Tom Secker joins us to discuss the fake “news” story circulating around the web claiming former NSA contractor Edward Snowden released documents proving the CIA/MI6/Mossad are running ISIS. We explain the story’s origins, why it’s bogus, who may be behind it, and how alt media can avoid being misled in the future.

Demanufacturing Consent: Rebecca Gordon on Why Torture Still Matters

July 22, 2014 in DC on BFP, Preview 2

DC on BFP #47 | Rebecca Gordon, a philosophy teacher at the University of San Francisco and author of the book Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post-9/11 United States, joins us to discuss why institutionalized torture remains relevant in the “post-Bush era” of the United States.

Demanufacturing Consent: Sheldon Richman on Open Borders and the Politics of Walls

July 15, 2014 in DC on BFP, Preview 2

DC on BFP #46 | Sheldon Richman joins us to explain why the US government has no moral authority to round up human beings, house them in “detention centers,” and ship them off to countries that in many cases the U.S. helped destroy. Also: the moral and economic arguments for open borders and freedom of movement.