Guillermo Jimenez on Trans Resister Radio with Aaron Franz

February 21, 2014 in TOR Blog

Trans Resister Radio #79 | Guillermo Jimenez of Traces of Reality shares some of his experiences producing independent media, and gives us his thoughts on the subject in general. How important is it to avoid the sensationalism of mainstream media? Go beyond the hype to get to the truth.

Another Man Shot and Killed by Border Patrol, Another Case of “Rock Throwing”

February 19, 2014 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | In yet another case of “death by Border Patrol,” an unnamed agent stationed along the San Diego-Tijuana border shot and killed an undocumented immigrant last Tuesday, February 18. Once again, in common fashion, agents claim the victim “threw a rock.”

Confessions of an Alt Media Host

February 13, 2014 in TOR Blog

ClandesTime #18 | Guillermo Jimenez joins Tom Secker, host of ClandesTime, to discuss his progression through alt media. We talk about getting started in media, the time spent as a live radio host on RBN, the problems with network radio, podcasting, the future of media, and advice for budding hosts.

When Narco Culture and Narco Reality Converge

February 6, 2014 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | The phenomenon known as “narco cultura” (gangster culture) is one that, although recognized and studied for several decades, has seen gains in popularity and interest in recent years. The escalation of the drug war in Mexico and its consequent violence have given rise…

Guillermo Jimenez on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley

January 30, 2014 in TOR Blog

Traces of Reality | Guillermo Jimenez joins Joyce Riley on The Power Hour to discuss the “constitution-free zone” and the expansion of internal checkpoints throughout the country. We discuss the ways activists are fighting back, the importance of educating the public and how to resist these checkpoints.

Guillermo Jimenez on WGSO Ringside Politics

January 27, 2014 in TOR Blog

Traces of Reality | Guillermo Jimenez joins Jeff Crouere on WGSO Ringside Politics to discuss matters related to the surveillance state: “border exemption” searches by DHS, the NSA and Obama’s “reforms,” Edward Snowden, the handling of the documents, and a whole lot more including questions from callers.

BFP Roundtable #4: Political Labels

January 24, 2014 in TOR Blog

Boiling Frogs Post | On this audio-only edition of the BFP roundtable the crew tackle the issue of political labels. Liberal. Conservative. Progressive. Libertarian. What do these labels really mean, and how useful are they in coming to an understanding about our world?

A Dark Alliance Reborn: The DEA-Sinaloa Connection

January 21, 2014 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | Almost 20 years after Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance series was published, the drug war rages on, and new evidence continues to surface affirming an ongoing role for sections of the US government in the management of the drug trade through covert action.

BFP Roundtable #3: Alternative to What? Dissecting the “Alternative” Media

January 11, 2014 in TOR Blog

Boiling Frogs Post | Alternative to what and independent of whom? These are the questions that are seldom asked of the pseudo-alternative, foundation-funded and establishment-dependent “alternative” media. Today on the BFP Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez and James Corbett…

All Your Data Belongs to the State

January 7, 2014 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | When it comes to suspicionless snooping and collection of our electronic data, the NSA is far from the only federal agency with their prying eyes in the game. Perhaps the most under-reported and least understood of these agencies is Customs and Border Protection, and the staggering authority…