ACLU sues four top Obama administration officials over Verizon metadata sharing

June 12, 2013 in News

Ars Technica | The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit Tuesday against four high-level government officials, arguing that Verizon’s ongoing sharing of telephone metadata to the National Security Agency (NSA) is unconstitutional. The officials include Director of National Intelligence James Clapper…

ACLU: Shocking Video from Maine Prison Shows a Restrained Prisoner Being Tortured with Pepper Spray

April 5, 2013 in News

ACLU | “You’re never going to win… Bottom line is the house wins every time.” That’s what Maine Correctional Center Captain Shawn Welch said to a prisoner who was strapped into a restraint chair, his face coated with pepper spray and his legs…

Anthony Gregory: The Totalitarianism of Universal Background Checks

April 5, 2013 in News

Anthony Gregory | Finally, some sanity, and from a somewhat unexpected source. The ACLU is concerned about the civil liberties implications of the new Harry Reid Senate bill to establish so-called “universal background checks” for firearms purchases.

Towns Don’t Need Tanks: Militarized Police in America

March 8, 2013 in News

Traces of Reality | The American Civil Liberties Union wants to know what kind of military weaponry and tactics are being turned over to local police by the Department of Defense and Homeland Security.

Democrats, Republicans Begin Building a Coalition Against Domestic Drones

January 31, 2013 in News

Dustin Hurst January 31, 2013   IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Drones are wildly popular on the battlefield. Now they can claim victory elsewhere. The use of drones within U.S. borders [...]

Utah man sues over 2010 gang sweep at son’s school

December 14, 2012 in News

Reuters | A Utah father sued police and the Salt Lake City School District on Thursday over a 2010 gang sweep at his son’s high school, charging that officers detained, searched and interrogated about 40 minority students without good cause.

Nasser Al-Awlaki Demands “Accountability” for U.S. Drone Strike That Killed His Grandson

December 7, 2012 in News

ACLU | Nasser al-Awlaki talked on television for the first time about the drone strike that killed his 16-year-old grandson, Abdulrahman.