BFP Roundtable #4: Political Labels

January 24, 2014 in TOR Blog

Boiling Frogs Post | On this audio-only edition of the BFP roundtable the crew tackle the issue of political labels. Liberal. Conservative. Progressive. Libertarian. What do these labels really mean, and how useful are they in coming to an understanding about our world?

Demanufacturing Consent: More Money, More Problems – The Economics of the “War on Drugs”

July 19, 2013 in DC on BFP

DC on BFP #3 | Joined by Dr. Mark Thornton of the Mises Institute, we discuss the economic forces at work within “black markets,” who stands to gain financially from prohibition, what an end to the drug war means for the police state in America, solutions like nullification, and much more.

Demanufacturing Consent: Militarized Borders and Xenophobic Police States

July 12, 2013 in DC on BFP, TOR TV

DC on BFP #2 | On this episode of Demanufacturing Consent, Guillermo welcomes Fergus Hodgson to the program and discuss the latest attempt to further centralize authority and militarize the country under the guise of so called “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Demanufacturing Consent: Drones Don’t Kill People, Governments Do

July 5, 2013 in DC on BFP, TOR TV

DC on BFP #1 | The first episode of Demanufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez for Boiling Frogs Post includes a discussion with former political prisoner and Black Panther Party veteran, Larry Pinkney. Guillermo and Larry discuss a brief history of COINTELPRO, “targeted killings” in the United States, Fred Hampton, MOVE, Mumia, and much more.

Guillermo Jimenez Joins Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs Post

July 1, 2013 in TOR Blog

Traces of Reality | Beginning this week, Guillermo Jimenez joins the team at Boiling Frogs Post as a partner producer and podcast host of a a new show called “Demanufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez.”