Brennan’s Saudi Drone Base: Censorship, Assassinations, More Terrorists

February 8, 2013 in News

Moon of Alabama February 8, 2013   The administration’s counterterrorism policies are leading to media censorship, refutation of basic rights and to more terrorism. The man responsible for these consequences [...]

Drone Strikes Test Legal Grounds for War on Terror

February 8, 2013 in News

ProPublica | In his second inaugural address, President Barack Obama declared that “a decade of war is now ending.” White House press secretary Jay Carney later said there was “no question” that the U.S. conflict with al-Qaida…

Germany Will Soon Purchase Armed Drones for Its Military

January 25, 2013 in News

Deutsche Welle | The German government has said that it favors the purchase of armed drones to support Bundeswehr troops in missions abroad. Although the idea is controversial, a decision is expected in the next few months.

Obama Administration Drone-strike “Playbook” Rendered Meaningless By Excluding Pakistan

January 25, 2013 in News

Inter Press Service | As Barack Obama renews his lease on the White House for another four years, his administration is debating how best to respond to a growing internal and public controversy over his first term’s non-battlefield counter-terrorist weapon of choice: armed drones.

Obama’s New Year’s Resolution: More Drone Strikes

January 4, 2013 in News

Wired | It’s barely three days into 2013, and the Obama administration’s lethal campaign of drone strikes has resumed in earnest. Missiles fired by remotely piloted planes struck targets in Pakistan and Yemen…

U.S. drone strikes in Yemen increase

December 30, 2012 in News

McClatchy News | In the wake of the killing of Osama bin Laden, Yemen – home to al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula – has come close to eclipsing Pakistan as a key focus of American counter-terrorism efforts.

War on own goals: US drone offensive in Yemen bolsters Al-Qaeda

December 27, 2012 in News

Russia Today | The number of American airstrikes has risen sharply in Yemen as the US helps the weak local government to fight against local militants.