Bernanke’s Farewell Tour

July 23, 2013 in News

Ron Paul | Last week Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered what may well be his last Congressional testimony before leaving the Federal Reserve in 2014. Unfortunately, his farewell performance was full of contradictory comments about the state of the economy and the effects of Fed…

Texas Lawmakers Mulling Delivery of State’s Physical Gold Holdings from NY Fed

March 25, 2013 in News

Texas Tribune | The idea isn’t entirely new. Some Republican members worked on a gold bill last session that was never filed. And gold-standard-backing Ron Paul, the former Texas congressman, has raised repeated concerns about the safety of states’ gold supplies.

A Lesson in Money Laundering, Mexican Style

March 6, 2013 in News

Worldcrunch | One example is the case of HSBC bank, where $290 million of Mexican drug cartel money was laundered in four years, using travelers cheques – in a plot so complicated that it could have been written by the Wachowski brothers.

Gene Healy: “Fiscal Tsunami Approaches” Whether You Want To Believe it or Not

February 26, 2013 in News

The Washington Examiner | It’s hard to hear yourself think over all the caterwauling on Capitol Hill about the looming sequestration “crisis.” For opponents of the spending cuts — at $85 billion, 2.3 percent of the $3.6 trillion federal budget…

Massive National Debt is Steering U.S. Economy into a Death-Spiral

February 25, 2013 in News | At what point does the size of a country’s national debt begin to weigh down the growth potential of its economy?

Evolving Ideas: The Paradigm Shift Dilemma

February 20, 2013 in News

The Liberty Crier | Paradigms are mega-systems of thought that explain certain realms of reality so as to shift mankind toward new visions. For example, mercantilism, Lockean limited government, species evolution, Pasteurian medicine…

Argentina’s Kirchner Enacts Price Controls on Supermarket Products in Attempt to Hide Inflation

February 7, 2013 in News

Zero Hedge | Up until now, Argentina’s descent into a hyperinflationary basket case, with a crashing currency and loss of outside funding was relatively moderate and controlled. All this is about to change. Today, in a futile attempt to halt inflation…

TARP Pay Czar Patricia Geoghegan Approved Executive Bonuses at Bailed-Out Ally, GM, AIG

January 31, 2013 in News

Huffington Post | Top executives at three major companies that received taxpayer-financed bailouts received excessively generous pay packages last year, in an apparent violation of Treasury guidelines aimed at restricting their compensation…

The Only Three Minutes of Davos Worth Listening To: Olafur Ragnar Grimsson Iceland president ‘Let banks go bankrupt’

January 29, 2013 in News

YouTube | The Only Three Minutes of Davos Worth Listening To: Olafur Ragnar Grimsson Iceland president ‘Let banks go bankrupt’

Largest Withdrawal from “Too Big To Fail” Banks Since 9/11 Just Happened in Total Silence

January 24, 2013 in News

Bloomberg | More than $114 billion exited the biggest U.S. banks this month, and nobody’s quite sure why. The Federal Reserve releases data on the assets and liabilities of commercial banks every Friday.