Who’s Really Getting Punished In Syria?

September 6, 2013 in News

Jacob Hornberger | I find it interesting how President Obama intends to punish Syria’s dictator Bashar al-Assad for his purported use of chemical weapons against Syrian rebels. It provides a fascinating insight into the collectivist mindset. To punish Assad, Obama says that he will use his military…

The United States Should Quit Meddling in Egypt

July 21, 2013 in News

Ivan Eland | Both the Muslim Brotherhood and its liberal opponents are using U.S. policy toward Egypt as a whipping boy to rally support for their respective causes during the current turmoil in that country. Liberal demonstrations have claimed that the Obama administration…

New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again

July 8, 2013 in News

Ron Paul | Why is it that all sides in this Egyptian civil war seem so angry with the United States? Because the United States has at one point or another supported each side, which means also that at some point the US has also opposed each side. It is the constant meddling in Egyptian affairs that has turned Egyptians against us…

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Is Insane

June 18, 2013 in News

Paul Craig Roberts | In the 21st century the two hundred year-old propaganda that the American people control their government has been completely shattered. Both the Bush and Obama regimes have made it unmistakenly clear that the American people don’t even influence, much less control, the government.

Obama’s Syria Policy Looks a Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy

June 18, 2013 in News

Ron Paul | President Obama announced late last week that the US intelligence community had just determined that the Syrian government had used poison gas on a small scale, killing some 100 people in a civil conflict that has claimed an estimated 100,000 lives.

TOR Radio: June 8, 2013 – Daniel McAdams: How Perpetual War Abroad Leads to the Police State at Home

June 9, 2013 in TOR Radio

TOR Radio | Download TOR Radio: June 8, 2013 | Guest: Daniel McAdams | We discuss the national security state, the NSA surveillance, and how our country’s foreign policy in the warfare state helps to drive the police state at home. We get into Turkey, Syria, and the various programs and goals of the newly formed Ron Paul Institute.

Iraq Collapse Shows Bankruptcy of Interventionism

June 4, 2013 in News

Ron Paul | May was Iraq’s deadliest month in nearly five years, with more than 1,000 dead – both civilians and security personnel — in a rash of bombings, shootings and other violence. As we read each day of new horrors in Iraq, it becomes more obvious that the US invasion…

Decade of Disaster: The Myth of “Shock and Awe” in Iraq

March 19, 2013 in News

The Telegraph | The US army’s initial assault on Iraq was meant to be a show of superior intelligence and overwhelming force. But the reality on the ground was very different, writes documentary maker Richard Sanders.

Ron Paul: Beware the Seen and Unseen Consequences of Pre-emptive War

February 12, 2013 in News

Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk February 12, 2013   Last year more US troops died by suicide than died in combat in Afghanistan. More than 20 percent of military personnel [...]

Colombia as Model: Texas Congressman Cuellar Urges Continued U.S. Subsidies for Mexico to Fight Drug War

February 6, 2013 in News

Jared Janes The Monitor February 6, 2013   U.S. aid allocated under the Merida Initiative will continue to be delivered to Mexico as the country transitions to a new presidential [...]