Critical Thinking, The War on Drugs, and Breaking Bad: Guillermo Jimenez on the SLHS Podcast

February 24, 2014 in TOR Blog

SLHS Podcast #154 | Guillermo Jimenez of Traces of Reality makes a return appearance to Smells Like Human Spirit to discuss the importance of critical thinking, his contention that the War on Drugs has been an utter and complete fraud, and to share his take on ‘Breaking Bad.’

TOR Radio 10/04/2013: Guy Evans on the DC Shooting, False Narratives, and Silk Road’s “Heisenberg”

October 4, 2013 in TOR Radio

TOR Radio #69 | Guy Evans joins us to discuss the DC shooting and how sloppy media reporting, the propagation of false narratives, and confirmation bias causes misinformation to spread so rapidly in the digital age. Also, the Silk Road takedown, internet anonymity, and the “war on drugs.”

Interview with Guy Evans (Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast #97)

September 24, 2013 in TOR Blog

SLHS Podcast | Guy Evans, host of Smells Like Human Spirit, interviews Guillermo Jimenez on a variety of issues, including political philosophy, media (alternative, psuedo-alternative, and mainstream), the NSA scandals and “outrage fatigue,” the Occupy movement, and even a little Breaking Bad.