Striking While the Irony is Hot: Afghan Government, Taliban May Soon Acquire Spy Drones from U.S.

January 17, 2013 in News

Wired | Yesterday, when Afghan president Hamid Karzai boasted that the U.S. was about to give him his own fleet of drones, you may have been tempted to see the mercurial leader with his hand on the joystick of an armed Predator.

Mental illness, poverty haunted Afghan policewoman who killed American

December 27, 2012 in News

Reuters | The Afghan policewoman suspected of killing a U.S. contractor at police headquarters in Kabul suffered from mental illness and was driven to suicidal despair by poverty, her children told Reuters on Wednesday.

Afghan Army Desertions Rise as NATO Pullout Looms

December 19, 2012 in News

AFP | Far from home, poorly paid and discriminated against, Mushtaq and Sefadullah are among thousands of Afghans who are deserting the army in a worrying trend two years before NATO troops leave.

Sex and Violence: Petraeus bails after Benghazi, Broadwell SNAFU

November 27, 2012 in TOR TV

“Recorded as an addendum to my talk with Guillermo Jimenez from the previous episode of Traces of Reality Radio…”