Brennan ‘Suspected’ Teenage Awlaki ‘Had Been Killed Intentionally’

April 23, 2013 in News

John Glaser | A former senior official in the Obama administration tells Scahill that John Brennan, current CIA Director and the President’s counterterrorism adviser at the time, “suspected” Abdulrahman Awlaki, the 16-year old son of Anwar al-Awlaki, had been deliberately targeted

John Brennan’s Grad School Master’s Thesis: “Absolute human rights do not exist”

March 19, 2013 in News

WhoWhatWhy | “Certain violations [of human rights] may be necessary in order to insure against violence and instability,” Brennan wrote in his master’s thesis. “Human rights, therefore, does [sic] not take precedence over all other political goals.”

CIA May Be Forced to Disclose Drone-related Documents

March 15, 2013 in News

Politico | For now, the CIA can still maintain its official silence on whether it uses armed drones. But a new court decision Friday could force the agency to provide some information about what kind of records they have on the subject and spell out why it’s not required to say more about them.

Brennan Confirmation, Paul Filibuster Succeed in Raising Drone Strike Questions

March 7, 2013 in News

Huffington Post | The battle over the confirmation of John Brennan to be the next CIA director entered a final phase Wednesday as a cadre of senators, led by Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, shifted the spotlight to a shadowy piece of the nominee’s legacy…

Rand Paul Ends Historic Filibuster After Almost 13 Hours

March 7, 2013 in News

The Washington Times | After years in the shadows, the administration’s secret drone program burst into very public view Wednesday with lawmakers grilling the attorney general over legal justification for targeted killings and Sen. Rand Paul launching…

Rand Paul Senate Filibuster of Brennan Nomination for CIA Director Continues into 8th Hour

March 6, 2013 in News

Washington Times | Mr. Paul said he would be glad to end his filibuster immediately, but only if the administration would promise not to make Americans in the U.S. the subject of targeted killings.

TOR TV: TOR Radio LIVE on YouTube – February 9, 2013

February 17, 2013 in TOR TV

Traces of Reality | TOR Radio hosted by Guillermo Jimenez – Feb 9, 2013 on YouTube. Subscribe to tracesofrealitytv on YouTube!

Marcy Wheeler: Leaked DOJ Memo Ordains White House as Judge, Jury, and Executioner of Americans Without Having To Prove Anything

February 13, 2013 in News

YouTube | Marcy Wheeler: Leaked DOJ Memo Ordains White House as Judge, Jury, and Executioner of Americans Without Having To Prove Anything

TOR Radio: February 9, 2013

February 10, 2013 in TOR Blog, TOR Radio

Traces of Reality | TOR Radio: 02.09.13 | Chris Dorner, Drones, PSYOP’s, DOJ Leak “White Paper”, NDAA, John Brennan, Rand Paul and much, much more.

Petraeus Betrayed: New Book Claims Former Director Was Shamed by CIA, Sidestepped by Brennan, McRaven

February 10, 2013 in News

Michael Zennie MailOnline February 10, 2013   David Petraeus was betrayed by his own bodyguards and vengeful high-ranking enemies in the CIA, who made sure his affair with his biographer [...]