Transparent Hoax Could Lead to War

August 26, 2013 in News

Justin Raimondo | Those rollicking jihadists, the Syrian rebels, love a joke: although they can be deadly serious – such as when they’re eating the internal organs of their enemies – what they enjoy more than anything is a really good prank. There was the time they claimed the Assad regime…

Police-State ‘Progressivism’: Glenn Greenwald exposes the dark side of Obamaism

June 7, 2013 in News

Justin Raimondo | The bombshell dropped by Glenn Greenwald and the Guardian has exploded any pretenses to being the linchpin of American liberalism Barack Obama may have retained until this point. In a story that broke yesterday [Wednesday, June 5], Greenwald revealed that the US government has been spying…

Talking Turkey: What’s going on in Taksim Square?

June 5, 2013 in News

Justin Raimondo | A small non-violent protest against the development – some would say over-development – of Istanbul’s Taksim Square has turned into the Turkish equivalent of the Tahrir Square protests in Cairo, Egypt, that brought down Hosni Mubarak, that country’s pro-US dictator. What do the Taksim Square protesters want?

Why John McCain Wants to Aid Syrian Terrorists (In Support of Lung-Eating Savages)

May 29, 2013 in News

Justin Raimondo | When John McCain slipped into Syria the other day to meet with Islamist rebels, Sen. Lindsey Graham tweeted “best wishes” to his fellow warmonger and claimed “dibs on his office if he doesn’t come back.” Leave it to Sen. Graham, who has been agitating along with McCain…

Who Funds the War Party?

February 27, 2013 in News | Who funds the War Party? Before we answer that very interesting question, it’s important to define just what (and who) it is we’re talking about. I use the “War Party” phraseology as shorthand for a number of different groups…