TIME/CNN Poll Shows Increasing Number Of Americans Won’t Give Up Civil Liberties To Fight Terrorism

May 6, 2013 in News

Tim Cushing | When discussing NYPD Police Chief Ray Kelly’s assertion that “privacy is off the table” as a result of the Boston bombing, I mentioned I hadn’t heard any public outcry demanding the government and law enforcement step in and do something (i.e., curtail civil liberties) in response to the tragedy.

Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston

April 30, 2013 in News

Ron Paul | Forced lockdown of a city. Militarized police riding tanks in the streets. Door-to-door armed searches without warrant. Families thrown out of their homes at gunpoint to be searched without probable cause. Businesses forced to close. Transport shut down.

Congress Exploits Our Fears to Take Our Liberty

April 22, 2013 in News

Ron Paul | This week, as Americans were horrified by the attacks in Boston, both houses of Congress considered legislation undermining our liberty in the name of “safety.” Gun control continued to be the focus of the Senate, where an amendment expanding…

The Solution to Political Problems: Abandon Politics or Choose a Master

February 19, 2013 in News

The Independent Institute | Eldridge Cleaver famously declared, “You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.” Although I did not agree with this sentiment in its original context, it has more definite applicability in regard to…

Is Nullification Unconstitutional?

February 7, 2013 in News

Thomas E. Woods TomWoods.com February 7, 2013   Now on some level, we shouldn’t care: resisting violent people who claim the right to expropriate you and force you around is [...]

In Bizarro America, West Point Think Thank Cites Supporters of Freedom and Independence as the Enemy

January 20, 2013 in News

Washington Times | A West Point think tank has issued a paper warning America about “far right” groups such as the “anti-federalist” movement, which supports “civil activism, individual freedoms and self-government.”

Private Communities Emerge As Some Seek Refuge from Violence, Oppression

January 16, 2013 in News

Traces of Reality | Glenn Beck has been making headlines recently due to his promotion of what he’s calling “Independence, USA.”

3-D Printing Solves High-Capacity Magazine Issue: Make Your Own!

January 14, 2013 in News

Forbes | Five months ago, the group of homemade gun enthusiasts known as Defense Distributed set out to create a lethal firearm that could be downloaded and 3D-printed entirely from scratch, circumventing all gun control laws.

North Dakota lawmaker wants limits on drone use

January 8, 2013 in News

Washington Times | A freshman lawmaker from North Dakota is one of numerous state legislators across the country suggesting regulations to limit the use of unmanned planes for law enforcement, an effort that is gaining bipartisan support and fostering unlikely political alignments.

Plans to Oust House Speaker Boehner Are Taking Shape

December 30, 2012 in News

The New American | Following increasing dissatisfaction with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), staffs of unnamed House members have developed a detailed plan to oust him…