Dreamers: Be Careful What You Wish For

July 8, 2013 in News

Fergus Hodgson | Continued support for the Senate Immigration Bill among immigrant advocates means they have fallen for another D.C. trick. While commentators may laud its potential for helping illegal immigrants already in the United States, that misses the point altogether.

The Moral Imperative of Bradley Manning

June 5, 2013 in News

Ray McGovern | Although we had to swelter in the Maryland sun on Saturday, I found the pre-trial rally at Ft. Meade to support Bradley Manning particularly spirit-filled. It seemed there was an unspoken but widely shared consciousness that Manning is as much Biblical prophet as Army private.

Iraq Collapse Shows Bankruptcy of Interventionism

June 4, 2013 in News

Ron Paul | May was Iraq’s deadliest month in nearly five years, with more than 1,000 dead – both civilians and security personnel — in a rash of bombings, shootings and other violence. As we read each day of new horrors in Iraq, it becomes more obvious that the US invasion…

Public Schooling Teaches Deference to Authority

May 31, 2013 in News

Jacob Hornberger | Public schooling is actually army-lite. Here in the United States, at the age of six every child is effectively drafted into the government’s educational system. Every child is mandated to subject himself to a government-approved education. If he fails to do so, his parents go to jail…

Some Dead Things To Memorialize on Memorial Day

May 27, 2013 in News

Thomas DiLorenzo | On this Memorial Day it is appropriate to memorialize a number of long-dead American institutions (RIP). The first would be the main principles of the Declaration of Independence, beginning with the notion that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

How Should We Memorialize the War Dead?

May 27, 2013 in News

Lucy Steigerwald | In the U.S., our job for today is clear. It’s Memorial Day and there are a solemn thoughts to have and wreaths to lay. “Ultimate sacrifice” must be repeated again and again. And as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes learned last year, best not to raise even the smallest question of whether…

Beer and Circuses for the Zombie Republic: Today’s Patriotic Super Bowl as Indoctrination Ritual

February 1, 2013 in News

Philip Giraldi | Sports items do not often appear on Antiwar.com but I think that this year we Americans have an opportunity to show the world just how patriotic we are by combining the world’s greatest sporting event with some serious fun…

Ron Paul at Texas GOP Convention

June 12, 2012 in TOR TV

Traces of Reality | Paul speaks to supporters on issues of party unity and the dangers of political compromise