Attorney General Holder, DOJ Block “Fast and Furious” Lawsuit by Judicial Watch

January 21, 2013 in News

Matthew Boyle | Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice have asked a federal court to indefinitely delay a lawsuit brought by watchdog group Judicial Watch. The lawsuit seeks the enforcement of open records requests relating to Operation Fast and Furious

Operation Fast and Furious ATF Whistleblower John Dodson Vindicated, Praised

January 17, 2013 in News

Fox News | A key whistleblower in the Operation Fast and Furious scandal — after being initially sidelined at the ATF upon coming forward — has been cleared by his ATF bosses and is now being hailed for the “essential role” he played in exposing the program.

Family of Fugitive “Godfather of the Drug World” Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán Among the Ranks of Sinaloa Cartel

January 13, 2013 in News

Wired | If there’s one rule to running the mob, it’s to keep your family close. For Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the cocaine kingpin of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel, he’s kept his family so close to the business that it’s attracted the attention of the U.S. government.

Zetas Smuggling Arms and Immigrants Busted in Laredo, Texas

January 11, 2013 in News

Traces of Reality | Two groups of Zetas cartel members are facing prison sentences after entering guilty pleas on charges brought by federal officials. San Antonio Express-News reports on one cell uncovered by a DEA investigation which revealed weapons-smuggling and kidnapping

Fast and Furious Blurs the Line Between Cops and Crooks

January 7, 2013 in News

Narcosphere | Two guns of interest were found in late November of last year near the scene of a gun battle in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

Los Zetas Drug Cartel Has Their Own Radio Network

January 4, 2013 in News

Vice | Drug cartels are all over the place in Mexico, but the Los Zetas have gained the title of the most technologically advanced and dangerous cartel in the country.