Border Patrol Throw Political Bone to Civil Libertarians, Will We Fetch?

March 27, 2014 in News

Guillermo Jimenez | For years, Border Patrol agents have effectively acted with impunity along the southern border of the United States, shooting anyone — including Mexican nationals on the other side of the border — when confronted with the threat of a rock. According to CBP…

A Non-Statist Critique of Edward Snowden

March 14, 2014 in News

Guillermo Jimenez | Technology as the solution to surveillance, along with the faith in the inherent “goodness” of the national security apparatus — an opinion Snowden explicitly makes clear by expressing “spying must continue” — is not only contradictory, but also profoundly disturbing.

Theater of the Absurd: The Arrest of El Chapo Guzmán

March 4, 2014 in News

Guillermo Jimenez | In the theater of the absurd that is the War on Drugs, the rational gives way to the irrational — the logical to the illogical. We observe the narcotics supply-chain of individuals and the law enforcement apparatus, both trapped in seemingly hopeless situations…

Casualties of the Drug War: Truth, Justice, Journalism

February 18, 2014 in News

Guillermo Jimenez | In Mexico, for example, much of the truth has been lost in the crossfire of the drug war, along with the lives of many of those who attempt to report it. According to the nonprofit organization Reporters Without Borders, no fewer than 88 journalists were killed in Mexico from…

When Narco Culture and Narco Reality Converge

February 6, 2014 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | The phenomenon known as “narco cultura” (gangster culture) is one that, although recognized and studied for several decades, has seen gains in popularity and interest in recent years. The escalation of the drug war in Mexico and its consequent violence have given rise…

A Dark Alliance Reborn: The DEA-Sinaloa Connection

January 21, 2014 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | Almost 20 years after Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance series was published, the drug war rages on, and new evidence continues to surface affirming an ongoing role for sections of the US government in the management of the drug trade through covert action.

All Your Data Belongs to the State

January 7, 2014 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | When it comes to suspicionless snooping and collection of our electronic data, the NSA is far from the only federal agency with their prying eyes in the game. Perhaps the most under-reported and least understood of these agencies is Customs and Border Protection, and the staggering authority…

Assume the Position: In the Search for Drugs, the State Finds a New Low

November 13, 2013 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | If not for the badge that designates the aggressors as duly authorized actors of the state, and therefore immune to the rules that you and I live by, this act of physical violence would be considered nothing less than first-degree rape.

The Global War on Journalism: U.S. Border Edition

October 1, 2013 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | A journey through a “rights free” zone is, on its face, ripe for abuse. Particularly within the last few years, the “border search exemption” has become a convenient tool for government officials to target those whom they consider to be a threat to the national security state.

Failure to Obey: Checkpoint Refusal Activism and the CBP Backlash

September 17, 2013 in TOR Blog

Guillermo Jimenez | As more internal checkpoints spring up within the CFZ in places like California, Arizona, Texas, and even the northern states of New York and Maine, a public wary of the encroaching police and surveillance state has taken notice, and not everyone is going along with it.