Demanufacturing Consent: Phil Giraldi on the Killing Business, Illegality, Immorality of the CIA

April 28, 2014 in DC on BFP

DC on BFP #37 | Phil Giraldi joins us to discuss the “Cognitive Dissonance of Spying,” post-9/11 “culture shift” within the CIA, neoconservatives in Washington positioning a “New Cold War” as the next “just cause” in the killing business, Jonathan Pollard, the strength of the Israel Lobby today, and much more.

Giraldi: “The New World Order is Unimpeachable”

May 23, 2013 in News

Philip Giraldi | Sinclair Lewis once wrote that if fascism ever comes to the United States it will be wrapped in the American flag and carrying a cross. Lewis might have been describing our contemporary “political Christians,” the mostly evangelicals who believe that Washington has a manifest destiny…