Colombia as Model: Texas Congressman Cuellar Urges Continued U.S. Subsidies for Mexico to Fight Drug War

February 6, 2013 in News

Jared Janes The Monitor February 6, 2013   U.S. aid allocated under the Merida Initiative will continue to be delivered to Mexico as the country transitions to a new presidential [...]

Under New President Peña Nieto, Mexico’s Security Strategy Shifts To Muzzle Press Coverage

January 31, 2013 in News

E. Eduardo Castillo Associated Press (via The Republic) January 31, 2013   MEXICO CITY — Two months after President Enrique Pena Nieto took office promising to reduce violent crime, the [...]

New paramilitary force to battle narco gangsters in Mexico

December 18, 2012 in News

Tri-City Herald | President Enrique Pena Nieto laid out a security strategy Monday that creates a new national force, or gendarmerie, to combat organized crime and restore law to the most distant corners of Mexico.